The great relevance of Old Testament history

The great relevance of Old Testament history

I plan the sermon series to be preached at All Nations months in advance. In fact, the books to be preached on are chosen in the previous year, with the detail added a few months before the sermon series is preached. That means that we intentionally work through the whole counsel of God over time rather than simply being reactionary to whatever events happen to us.

Therefore, when 1 Kings was chosen as a sermon series, the idea of a virus shutting us in our houses was not anywhere on the agenda. This was not chosen with the virus situation in mind at all. Yet, as so often happens by God’s providence, 1 Kings ends up being just the book we need to hear from.

1 Kings is the account of God working through his king to bring about his purposes for the world. The first few chapters are messy; David is old and the country’s future seems a bit uncertain. He has already faced some rebellions against his rule, and now his eldest remaining son makes his claim to be the king. Long-term trusted advisors back the rebel king and it looks bad for David.

I don’t want to spoil the thunder of the sermons that start this coming Sunday, but it is enough to say that even when the world looks very messy and uncertain for God’s people, God remains in control. There will come times, like our current times, when it doesn’t look like that. When it looks like world events or rulers or plagues will derail everything. In those times, we need to see that this is not the first uncertain time in history, neither will it be the last. And through all these times, God has brought about his will.

You need 1 Kings. If you are interested in finding out more, we start the new sermon series this Sunday. The video sermon will be available from 930am this Sunday at