Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses

There is a common saying in English: ‘stop and smell the roses’. It is an encouragement to slow down and enjoy life a little. It remains good advice. All of us have a tendency to get too busy and stressed, and it is good for us to slow down and enjoy the good things in life.

Jesus said something similar in Matthew 6. He told his disciples to consider the flowers, to notice how beautiful they were. The flowers were clothed more magnificently than the richest king in history, King Solomon! Jesus pointed out that God had clothed the flowers this way, despite them only living a short time and being pretty unimportant compared to people. And if this is true, and God values his children more than flowers, that must mean that he cares for us even more!

Have you thought about that? God has made this world so beautiful. God designed and made this world to be perfect. Even though it is stained with sin and far from what it once was, we still see beauty and design and wisdom all around us. If only we’d look at it.

I have a son who notices flowers wherever we go. As I hurry past a bougainvillea covering a fence or even dandelions on the lawn, he will point them out to me. He sees the wonder that is really there when I have often taken it for granted. The flowers are a testimony to the power and glory of God if only we stop to look at them.

The God whom we pray to, who is our Father in heaven, cares so much for flowers that he makes them beautiful despite being temporary. And he cares even more for his children who trust in Jesus. This week, take the time to stop and consider the flowers. They are beautiful in themselves, and they point to the greater wonder of a Creator and Father who cares deeply for his children.