See the blessings you already have

See the blessings you already have

It is easy to notice the things that are wrong in our lives and our society. Wherever you live, I am sure you could legitimately complain about all kinds of things. The government has likely made some decision that contradicts Christian beliefs. Your friends and family members have probably been thoughtless or difficult in some ways. If we’re really honest, we have also been thoughtless or difficult!

Yet there is always so much to be thankful for, whatever bad things we can see. It will help us a great deal to understand our situation more fully and in a wider context.

In 2 Kings 12, the kingdom of Judah had problems. The temple needed repairs and the people had all kinds of religious problems. There were international threats. Yet, compared to the evil six-year reign of Queen Athaliah, the time under Jehoash was peaceful. The people had a king who was faithful to the LORD, albeit imperfectly. Those who were faithful did not need to fear being persecuted and oppressed. A strong and faithful high priest advised the young king in his decisions. God had indeed been good to them.

Our society is not perfect by any means. Yet have you considered the blessings many have? Much of the world is at peace. Many have the Bible in a language we can understand and a price we can afford. We are legally allowed, in many countries, to worship in public and to speak to others about Jesus. On top of that, most have practical blessings like a place to live and work to do which we take for granted. And, best of all, we have a secure position in God’s family if we trust in Jesus who died and rose again in our place.

It is a real blessing to have a normal, quiet life. We don’t need God to do something incredible in our lives to start thanking him more. We can count our blessings and it will amaze us what the Lord has done.

Let’s not be people who always find something to complain about. Christians, of all people, have so much to be thankful for. Let’s be contagious with our joy at what God has done. It all starts with looking honestly at what we already have.