Looking forward to Jesus and not only the benefits He brings us

Looking forward to Jesus and not only the benefits He brings us

What is your first thought when you’re invited to a wedding? Is it that you hope that the food is good and they serve the kind of cake you personally enjoy? Is it that you hope that the bride’s dress is to your personal taste? Is it whether the venue is near to you or far away?

Hopefully, none of these things! You will be excited to be able to celebrate the special day of some close friends or family members of yours. The rest is a bonus that comes with that. The focus is the happy couple, and you will just be happy to be there.

Wedding banquets are often used as illustrations of the celebration when Jesus returns (including in Matthew 25:1-13). This is fitting as wedding banquets were the biggest celebration most people would ever attend. Christians are said to be invited or to be waiting for this great day to arrive.

What is it that we are waiting for and looking forward to about eternal life? Many would like a new body which doesn’t have the sickness and pain of the current one. Many would like freedom from fear and doubt and temptation. Yet the focus is not those things; the focus is the bridegroom himself, King Jesus. We look forward to Jesus returning; the rest is a bonus.

It is like when a close relative or friend comes back after a long time overseas. You don’t really care for the presents they might bring or the clothes they wear when you see them; you are just happy to have them back. Our joy must be in Jesus, not only in the benefits He brings with Him. The joy of heaven is not having perfect things but being with the perfect bridegroom forever.

If this is what we look forward to, we should be working on our relationship with Jesus now. Eternal life has already begun for Christians. We should be thankful for the cross and looking forward to Jesus’ coming. We should be keen to read more about Jesus in the Bible and to pray often.

Come, Lord Jesus.