Encouragement matters more than you think

Encouragement matters more than you think

I forget a lot of conversations I have had in the past. I’m sure you do as well. So many interactions are critical at the time but don’t stick with you months or years afterwards.

There are two exceptions to this. Conversations where someone has been harshly critical of you, and conversations where you have been encouraged. The right words at the right time can be a wonderful blessing and harsh words delivered wrongly can cause terrible devastation.

Encouragement is so important. We all need encouragement. The Bible says a lot about this and leaves us many examples of this to consider, such as:

  • Moses was instructed by God to encourage Joshua, for the role he was going to fill would be difficult (Deut 1:38, 3:28).
  • Barnabas, literally “son of encouragement”, lived out his name in the times we come across him in the New Testament. He used his resources to help those in need (Acts 4:36), he spoke on Paul’s behalf to the church in Jerusalem (Acts 9:27), and he encouraged the early church in Antioch for their evangelism and perseverance (Acts 11:22).
  • Sermons by the apostles are at times referred to as words of encouragement (Acts 13:15).
  • A key ministry of the apostles as they travelled was to encourage Christians (see Acts 14:22, 15:32, 20:1, and Rom 1:12 among many others).

Let me give a few ways you can be a great encouragement to others this week: