Don’t forget to look for the right kind of food

Don’t forget to look for the right kind of food

The food shortage in Australia right now is bizarre. People are hoarding food and emptying shelves from the supermarket. In a rich and blessed country, many people are looking for food.

Christians know that we need more than physical food to sustain us. We need the bread of life, the Word of God. This was clear in the book of Deuteronomy, and it was famously quoted by Jesus to the devil when he was tempted in the wilderness. We need the Bible, God’s revelation to us, in order to be spiritually fed and to thrive in our faith.

The virus and the resulting shutdown of churches has meant that one of the regular ways that Christians get our spiritual food is not available. In this strange context, let me give you some encouragements to remain spiritually fed and healthy:

  • Take advantage of the video sermons each week

All Nations will still be offering spiritual food on Sunday mornings. Many other churches are doing the same. Although there are so many Christian preachers and sermons available on the internet, I suggest you keep up with the preacher from your local church. That preacher knows you or at least your context, will apply the Bible in directions that will be helpful for you, and will be available to discuss questions you have or issues the sermon raises for you. You will also be learning the same material the others in your church do.

You can always watch the video sermons together with others in your family, or even better, invite others to your house to do this. Any way we can increase the fellowship of our church family is a good thing, especially in these times.

All Nations also supplies home group studies linked to the sermon each week. You might choose to work through this with those in your house after the video sermon, especially if you cannot make it to a home group during the following week.

  • Read the Bible with your family or housemates

We’re often so busy that what the Christians of past ages called ‘family worship’ gets forgotten so easily. Maybe in these unusual times, it is a tradition you can restart in your household. It’s not complex; read a short Bible passage, maybe over dinner, talk about it and pray together. Remember that if you have children, they are also missing Sunday School; make sure they get fed as well as you.

  • Go deeper and build healthy habits

Have you been reading your Bible regularly by yourself? Don’t answer me; I know that question often reveals that our habits have slipped over time. Make this a time to rebuild those habits. You need food. Maybe instead of a time of lack, this could be a time of abundance when it comes to being fed from God’s word?

You could also read some Christian books or start an online course. Some theological colleges (like Ridley College in Melbourne) are waiving fees on some introductory courses as a blessing to the Christian church.

Don’t let the lack of a church service lead to spiritual starvation. There are many places to get food if only you look for them.