Do you get wiser with age?

Do you get wiser with age?

Do you get wiser as you get older? Is it fair to say that, in general, those who are older are wiser?

Instinctively, most of us would like to think this is true. And it often is! As we grow older, as we have more experiences and make more mistakes, we should learn things. And as we learn things, we will be in a better position to recognise the same kinds of situations again and deal with them better the next time around.

But it is not always true. It is possible to become more selfish and greedy as life goes on, becoming more self-indulgent and less concerned with acting wisely for the good of other people. And it is possible to be a young person who is thoughtful and who learns from the mistakes of others, and is referred to as “wise beyond their years”.

Biblical wisdom is a little different from wisdom in general. Biblical wisdom starts with the fear of God, knowing that this is God’s world, and true wisdom comes from God. Biblical wisdom grows from a lifetime of exposure to God’s word and the actions of the Holy Spirit on our hearts pointing us to Jesus.

How might we grow in wisdom as we grow older? It is not automatic. Here are some suggestions:

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  2. Get to know your Bible better. I know that’s a long answer to an immediate need, but there is no better way to be equipped to deal with whatever comes next in your life (2 Tim 3:15). If it seems overwhelming, follow a reading plan to read a chapter a day or so. That will get you through it in three years. And be part of a solid Bible teaching church so that you are well fed.
  3. Look to those wiser than yourself. The Queen of Sheba had issues and knew her limitations, so she travelled to Solomon to get her questions answered (1 Kings 10). The local church will have people you can ask for advice. Maybe they will be older, maybe younger; seek out people who know their Bible well and are thoughtful in serving Jesus.

If you feel you are getting older but not getting wiser, don’t be too discouraged. The work of the Holy Spirit in our lives is slow much of the time. You probably actually know more than you used to. In all likelihood, you would deal with many situations much better than you did in the past. The wiser you become, the more you realise your limitations and lack of wisdom.

And remember the best news: it is God who is the source of all wisdom. You don’t need to be. You will never be wise enough to save yourself, so you will always need Jesus. It is good for you to face a situation that you don’t know which decision to make. It reminds us that we don’t know everything. In our foolishness, we see the wisdom of God in Jesus more clearly.