Are you feeling tired?

Are you feeling tired?

It is near the end of a school term and the kids are getting tired. And not just the kids. Many people have been feeling tired. These past few months have been unusual in many ways and the many changes have been wearying. It is possible to feel a little less bright than usual.

This feeling of loss of motivation and enthusiasm should point us to an important theological truth. You and I don’t run the world. However capable and gifted we might be, we are simply privileged to have a small part to play in God’s world. God made us as limited people who need to rest. In fact, he ordained a day off in seven in the Old Testament to remind people of this, among other things. We will need times to rest because it gives us time to worship, time to reflect, and time to understand we don’t run the world.

We are quick to be frustrated when we are sick or tired or feeling less than our best. We know we could be doing more than we are now. Things are not getting done that should be done. That’s all true. But what is of greater importance is that God is still doing his job. God never slumbers or sleeps. He works upholding the world and driving it to its conclusion of being under the headship of Jesus.

The Sabbath in the Old Testament wasn’t a productive day for the economy. I am sure the equivalent of ancient accountants did the sums and worked out that this day off meant less harvests, less milk, and less money. But it was not negotiable. That day off helped centre the people on what mattered. It meant they stopped work to worship. They stopped work to understand that the world kept going when they stopped.

Maybe you have realised your limitations more than normal, physically or mentally. That’s not a disaster. We all know in theory that we are sinful and limited and it is good for us to understand that. Go one step further when you feel that way. Thank God that he is the boss and you are not. Thank God for the things he has allowed you to do, and pray that you don’t get the wrong idea in the future and think it all depends on you.